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Improving CSP Events

Improving CSP brings together numerous technology experts that are passionate thought leaders who love to share their knowledge and experience.  That's why we are committed to being involved and engaging with not just our valued customers, but across the IT community.

Upcoming Events

Reducing the Attack Surface of Cloud Services


Aug. 18, 2020

12:00 pm EST

Cloud, by nature, is insecure by default.  This is because the cloud is designed to be accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device.  But just because it can be this accessible doesn't mean it should be.

In this session, Christopher Lee will talk about how to start "closing the door" so that only your employees can access the cloud the way you want them to.  Learn how to start reducing the potential attack vectors against your cloud environment by enabling specific controls and practices.

Securing Devices and Establishing Trust


Sept. 15, 2020

12:00 pm EST

Identity security is the foundation, but all users still require a device to access cloud services.  With work from home and an increasingly growing BYOD mentality, trusting device being used to access your cloud can be challenging.

Join Christian Ball as he discusses how you can establish a strong device security practice by establishing trust with your users' devices, even if they are BYOD.  Christian will discuss how we extend our overall security posture the right way using Microsoft Intune device and app management.

Monitoring and Managing Access


Oct. 13, 2020

12:00 pm EST

As an administrator, having insight into what is happening in your cloud environment is crucial to ensuring security.  Microsoft 365 has several auditing and reporting capabilities, some included and some add-on, but knowing how and when to use them can be a challenge.

Rick Strekal will walk you though the many auditing and reporting capabilities in Microsoft 365 to help you understand and use these capabilities in your environment today.  Learn how to use what is included, such as Azure AD logs as well as advanced monitoring using Azure Usage Insights, Monitor and Sentinel.

Controlling App Access


Nov. 10, 2020

12:00 pm EST

Securing Microsoft 365 is one thing, but chances are you are using more than just Microsoft cloud.  Securing third-party and internal LOB apps are just as important.

Join us while we discuss why securing non-Microsoft apps is important to your cloud security posture and how to use tools like Azure AD App Proxy and Microsoft Cloud App Security to do this.  Don't let external apps be the vulnerability to your Microsoft cloud environment.

Security at the Data Level


Dec. 8, 2020

12:00 pm EST

Controlling access and security to your cloud environment is one thing, but what happens when you have to share sensitive data outside of your control?  Just because data leaves your possession doesn't mean you still can't protect it.

In this session, we will explain how to use Microsoft Information Protection capabilities to protect your data regardless of access security.  We'll also provide design guidance on how to establish a data classification strategy and align data protection to it.

Past Events

The Identity-Based Security Approach


July 28, 2020

12:00 pm EST

To start our 2020 CSP Webinar Series, Ensuring a Strong Security Posture, we start with the foundational topic of identity-based security.  Without a strong identity security practice, nothing else you do for cloud security will matter.  

Join us as James Hopkins, Technical Directory of our cloud services team, provides valuable insights and guidance on how to ensure you have a strong identity practice for your cloud users.